In 2004 an unnamed FBI special agent was transferred into the public corruption investigations office in El Paso. The agent’s investigation led to numerous indictments of various public officials in El Paso, Texas for numerous acts of public corruption encompassing various government entities and public schools. The investigation initially started as in investigation into the actions of Robert “Bob” Jones and his various entities, including Access HealthSource.

From there the investigation snowballed into various other investigations into public corruption.

The original investigation into Bob Jones was dubbed “Operation Poisoned Pawns” by the federal investigators. Although the operation originally targeted Bob Jones and because it exposed other various public corruption schemes, I have decided to include all of the instances of public corruption that have been identified, although they were not part of the original operation as I believe they are all related.

This website is a timeline of the investigations, the cases, the individuals, government and private entities involved and events that have been brought to light as the investigations continue to run their course.

This is a work in progress and will remain so for the near future because many of the court documents have been sealed and there are cases still pending as per the documents that have been made available to date.

All of the information compiled here has been gathered from court documents and other sources that have been made available to me.

I have laid out the information I have compiled  format.